Welcome to Studio Bouclè, an Australian furniture brand dedicated to curating timeless bedroom essentials for the modern muse. Born out of a vision for uniquely made, exceptional furniture, Studio Bouclè takes pride in crafting pieces that transcend the ordinary, creating a sense of calm and comfort. 

Rooted in the founders' appreciation for coastal environments, Scandinavian interiors, and modern architecture, Studio Bouclè draws inspiration from these elements to authentically curate each piece. Our furniture reflects the perfect fusion of coziness, minimalism and warmth with each piece thoughtfully designed to stand the test of time, becoming an essential part of your home and lifestyle.

Our commitment to rarity and exclusivity defines us. Every detail of our limited edition pieces, such as the meticulously crafted Cloud Bed, speaks to our dedication to delivering a unique and refined bedroom experience.






Our journey began three years ago, where each piece of bedroom furniture was lovingly handcrafted by our team. As we evolved, our commitment to quality remained unwavering. Today, Studio Bouclè has transitioned to manufacturing in small batches, allowing us to provide exclusive products that maintain our high standards.

Our approach is rooted in continuous learning and improvement. We have grown and evolved, guided by our community—the heart and soul of every Studio Bouclè design. As we shape the future of our brand, our commitment to quality, ethical practices, and the essence of community remains steadfast.




In 2020, the creative minds behind Studio Bouclè embarked on a journey to redefine the world of bedroom furniture from the serene coastal landscapes of New Zealand.

Studio Bouclè's inception was a natural evolution of a vision for a brand that resonates with the modern day interior enthusiasts, cultivating beautiful and comforting spaces. Recognising the universal desire for serenity within our homes, We set out to create Studio Bouclè—a brand that is driven by their wonderful community.